Sungazers – Minibeasts Signs

Hello! Hope you are all doing well this week.  Did you manage to listen to our theme story ‘Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop’? – Here is the link again if you would like to listen.

Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop

To continue our theme this week, we are going to learn the signs of some of the minibeasts names.  Everyone can join in if they wish – do you have a favourite sign? – Comment on this post and tell us your favourite one.

Minibeast Makaton Signs

(If the link doesn’t work please go onto Youtube and type in Singing Hands minibeasts signs).

We have also prepared another video which will be sent to your email for you to enjoy this week.

Please remember all of these activities are optional.

Take care, stay safe,

From the Sungazers Team

4 thoughts on “Sungazers – Minibeasts Signs”

  1. Choosing a favourite sign was a little too difficult, so my 2 favourites are snail 🐌 and caterpillar 🐛

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