Anti Bullying Week 2019

This Anti-Bullying Week (11th-15th November) the theme is ‘Change Starts With Us All’. Each of us has the power to create small change.

During Health and Wellbeing time P4 have been exploring issues related to bullying. We are aware that there are different types of bullying and there are ways in which we can make things better. We should never be a bystander. It is best to share concerns and seek help.

We were given a scenario and we worked in small groups to create a roleplay to show the problem and then show how we could sort it.

We explored themes of physical bullying, cyber bullying, emotional bullying, racial and verbal bullying.

P.4E’s Mummification Experiment

We have been waiting patiently this week to discover the results of our apple mummification experiment.

We sliced an apple into 4 equal pieces and covered one in vinegar, one in Bicarbonate of Soda and one in salt, we also left one slice with nothing on it. Then we discussed which substance would best mummify the apple. There were lots of great ideas and reasons.

Here are our results…

Here are some pictures of us working on our report and examining the apple slices.

We now think we would be able to mummify an ancient Egyptian!!

Poppy Art for Remembrance Day

All P4 pupils have been working on poppy artwork using a variety of art materials.

We looked at the American artist Georgia O’Keefe, who specialised in close ups of flowers and pastelled, painted or collaged our own poppies in her style.

Here are some of our designs, we hope you enjoy looking at them…

We also had some very creative Lego engineers who created some Lego poppies.

If you are in our school please look out for our Poppy display.

Mrs Easter