Marvellous Monday! Hope you all have a great week!

Homework is due in on Friday 4th October.

* Copy words 2 more times using LSCWC
* Write 3 sentences using at least 3 of your spelling words.
* Active spelling activities – ‘Blue Vowels’ and ‘Fancy Writing’.
* Blue Vowels – Write out your spelling words but draw a blue circle around all vowels.
* Fancy Writing – How many different styles of writing can you use to write your words?
* Bug Club books will be updated. Try to read at least 1 book per week. Test yourself by answering the various
questions related to your book. We want to be comprehension superstars!! Similar styles of questions are used in


P4 Paper group create music!

P4 Paper group had lots of fun creating their own music today.

Following on from their exploration of Carnival of the Animals pupils were to choose an animal and then create music using percussion instruments.  The audience then had to guess which animals they were describing.

Videos of the performances will hopefully be uploaded soon.

During our first lesson in music many weeks ago some pupils felt a little unsure and nervous about the idea of learning music.  However they showed great enjoyment and had a sense of achievement as they learned how to play some new instruments and performed in front of an audience.  Well done!


P4 ‘Rock’ up to the Dick Institute for The Wonderful World of Wacky Walliams

The P4 Rock group visited the Dick Institute yesterday to participate in workshops relating to David Walliams.  Pupils had an excellent time and a great learning experience.

Pupils also had the opportunity to use iMovie to create trailers based on titles similar to David Walliams.  The wonderful staff will send us these trailers so we can watch them on the big screen!

We’d like to say thank you to the staff at the Dick Institute for a super day. 🙂

Homework Week Beginning 16th September

Happy Monday P4 parents!

Homework is slightly different this week as we have the holiday weekend starting on Friday. Therefore, homework will be issued today, but won’t be due back until Friday 27th of September.

  • Copy words 2 more times using LSCWC.
  • Write 3 sentences using at least 3 of your spelling words.
  • Active Spelling activities – Choochoo Words and Word Build –  try to make your words out of pasta, leaves, toys or anything you can think of.
  • ChooChoo words is when you write your spelling words in one continuous row, eg. blueglueprunespoilt.
  • Bug Club books will be updated, so try to read at least 1 book each week.

Thanks for your help and support.

P4 teachers

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P4EL Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday P4EL explored literacy and maths using his work as inspiration.

We revised nouns using ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.  Pupils identified what things George put in his ‘marvellous medicine’.  Pupils had a lot of fun adding in their own ideas too.

In maths pupils worked on solving word problems based on Roald Dahl’s characters and stories.  They could choose the mild, hot or extra hot challenge.

Homework Week Beginning 9th Sept

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Happy Monday everyone, here is your homework for this week…

  • Write spelling words out two more times using LSCWC.
  • Write three sentences using at least three of your list words.
  • Active Spelling – Pyramid words and Spelling Skip (spell out your words while skipping with a rope).
  • Bug Club – remember to read and complete at least one new book.

Thanks again from all the P4 teachers.

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P4 Music Appreciation

P4 have been experiencing the wonderful world of the orchestra and classical music.

They have been learning the instrument families and some of the individual instruments.

This week’s classical music was Carnival of the Animals – pupils listened to some of the pieces and had to guess which animal it was based on by using clues in the music.  As time went on pupils were able to describe the rhythm, pitch and volume of the music in relation to animals.

P4 pupils have a Growth Mindset!

P4 pupils have been learning the difference between having a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset. We have learned the importance of the word “Yet”. We now say “I can’t do it yet,” instead of just giving up.

We tried out some challenges during Health and Wellbeing. We had to stay determined and try again.

We played ‘Beat the Buzzer’. It was so tricky but we had fun.

We worked hard to draw and write with the hand we least use.

We became all tangled during Twister.

We had to have determination and resilience as we built a cup tower.

Some of us made a new pathway and can now tie shoe laces.

Finally, we tried to answer as many questions as possible in one minute in the game ‘Hit the Button’.

Well done to everyone!!