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Our Wishes for 2020!

P4 have been discussing what a New Year’s Resolution is and setting realistic goals for ourselves.

We shared examples during Health and Wellbeing time. Some ideas were to ‘pass a smile each day’, to spend more time outdoors, to try and make a difference towards achieving the Global Goals and to get up earlier each day.

The ‘Rocks’ made ‘Wish Wands’ today. We hope to achieve our goals!!

Our ‘Kindness Paper Chain’ – P4W

In P4W we encourage kindness, respect and giving compliments to others. We know that we can help someone to feel special by saying something nice about them.
We created a ‘Christmas Kindness Paper Chain’. We all wrote our name on a slip of paper and we decorated it with Christmas images. We then handed them in and Mrs Williams gave us a slip belonging to someone else in the class. We wrote a compliment about that person on the other side of the slip.
We loved hearing all of the nice comments. We looped them together to make a very long chain to hang in our class.

Anti Bullying Week 2019

This Anti-Bullying Week (11th-15th November) the theme is ‘Change Starts With Us All’. Each of us has the power to create small change.

During Health and Wellbeing time P4 have been exploring issues related to bullying. We are aware that there are different types of bullying and there are ways in which we can make things better. We should never be a bystander. It is best to share concerns and seek help.

We were given a scenario and we worked in small groups to create a roleplay to show the problem and then show how we could sort it.

We explored themes of physical bullying, cyber bullying, emotional bullying, racial and verbal bullying.