Tickets Going Fast !

Tickets are going fast  for the Primary 4 1970’s show! The show is coming together nicely and we know you won’t be disappointed! So, if you’ve still to get tickets grab them ASAP .

Can you guess who is peeking through the 1970’s picture?

Look forward to seeing you all at the show !


Back to the 1970’s P4 Concert


Primary 4 will be grooving on down memory lane and taking you back (if you were even born), to the 1970’s. The rehearsals for our part of the “Onthank 60th Birthday Show” are well under way and all the pupils have now been allocated a part.  Your child will be able to tell you what part he/she has and the sort of costume they need. If you have any difficulty coming up with a costume please let us know and we will do our best to help. A pair of jeans and a colourful t-shirt is perfect if you are stuck for ideas. Some children have specific characters to play and they have already told us they have the costume at home. Please do not buy anything ! We are still looking for a more space hoppers so if you have one out in the garden shed we’d be most grateful if we could borrow it.

Thanks for your continued support!