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Positive Choices Week – Friday

Onthank On Foot  – Friday

Wear your favourite outfit and pass a smile.

Positive Choices Week 2020


We are on the last day of ‘Positive Choices Week 2020′. We have loved seeing some of the photos of what you have been doing this week. I hope that some of the activities have made you smile, made others happy too and helped you to feel happy and relaxed.
We should remember to take time each day to do things which make us happy.


There is still time to send a photo to Mr McIlwraith. You can send it to him today to make sure that you are included in the next YouTube montage.
Please send to


Have a lovely happy and safe weekend everyone!


Positive Choices Week – Thursday

Onthank On Foot

Wednesday – Give yourself a crazy hairstyle


Mr McIlwraith was telling me that Onthank pupils have nearly filled his inbox with lovely photos of what they have been doing this week. I am sure he still has space for some more so if you haven’t sent one already there is still time!:-)

Remember to check the main blog to watch the staff videos. Mrs McCall and Miss Adam are the stars today!

Have a lovely day P4.

From all of the P4 teachers.

Positive Choices Week – Wednesday

Onthank On Foot


Wednesday – Colour Walk  – Choose a colour and look for objects of that colour whilst on your walk. You could take photos and make a photo collage. Fun for all of the family!


How are you feeling? Today I am feeling…..yellow!! 

Taking part in the ‘Positive Choices‘ activities is making me feel happy. I hope that you are enjoying it too and enjoying seeing the teacher videos.

Check the main blog today to exercise with Mr Swan, paint with Miss Hamilton and see our very own Mrs Klein playing the piano!



Positive Choices Week

Onthank On Foot

Tuesday – Wear Odd Socks

Have you tried any of the tasks on the ‘Positive Choices’ Menu? In my house we chose a few tasks yesterday and had lots of fun.



Check the main blog to see the ‘Staff YouTubers’ today! Not to be missed!

What do you to stay healthy and happy? What do you do to relax? Send a photo to Mr McIlwraith by 5pm on Friday 12th June.


Positive Choices Week 2020

Positive Choices Week 2020

Join in the fun this week!

Have a go at some of the activities above. Choose to do as many as you like. Plenty to choose from.

Click on the link for an enlarged version which can also be printed.

Positive Choices Week Menu 2020

We would love to see a photo of you doing one of the tasks or of you doing something else which makes you happy and healthy, keeps you fit or helps you to relax.

Mr McIlwraith is going to make another amazing YouTube video so make sure you send him a photo to be a star in the video. He would like photos sent by 5pm on Friday 12th June.

Please send to

Let’s see lots of P4 faces in the video;-)

Check the main blog daily for some fun videos starring some of the Onthank teachers! Not to be missed!! Mr Swan will be doing daily Fitness to keep you all fit and healthy. Tune in!;-)



Onthank On Foot

Monday – Wear a colourful outfit


Click the link to see the task for each day.

Onthank On Foot Tasks



Positive Choices Week 2020

Positive Choices Week 2020


Positive Choices Week‘ starts on Monday 8th June. There will be lots of activities on offer to try which will cover all areas of Health and Wellbeing.  More information will follow on Monday.

You will have the chance to send in photos and star in another amazing Onthank YouTube video. 🙂

There will be surprise videos  from some of the teachers along the way from so be sure to check out the main Onthank Blog daily.

Onthank On Foot

As part of ‘Positive Choices Week’ we will be asking you all to try and go for a walk each day just like we usually would during ‘Walk to School Week’ . Each day there will be a task to make it even more fun.

On Monday we are suggesting that you go for a walk wearing a colourful outfit.

Click on the link below to see what the task is for each of the other days:

Onthank On Foot Tasks

Join in, have fun and share what you have been doing with us! Check back on Monday for your ‘Positive Choices’ activity menu! 🙂

Have a lovely weekend P4!

Who is going to win?

Virtual Sports Week 2020

Remember to follow the link on the main blog page to submit your videos of each race using the attached form.
Alternatively you can email your videos to Miss
For each race you take part in you get 10 points for your team! That means that you could earn 40 points for your colour.
Good luck everyone!!


Here are some posters of encouragement from some of the teachers.


The Staff Burns team took part in a relay race to help gain some points! 

Here are the stars of the team….

Virtual Sports Week!


Virtual Sports Week has arrived! What a lovely sunny week we have to complete our races!

Look out your House colours and take part in our School Sports Week. Are you in Fleming, Burns, Livingston or Scott?

Watch the video link below to see what your house captains have in store for you and to hear the instructions of how to submit your scores.

Refer to the main Onthank Blog for more information!

Have a great week everyone and do the best you can to help your team!



Mental Health Week 2020

Happy Monday P4! Hope you all had a good weekend.



We love seeing your work on your blog, teams page or by email. We are enjoying hearing what you have been up to at home. You are all working so hard and taking on the challenge of learning in a different way! Well done everyone! Keep it up!;-)

In celebration of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week 2020’ and the theme of ‘Kindness’ we are encouraging you all to get mentally healthy by spreading a little kindness.

The calendar below includes two acts of kindness each day – one for someone else and one for yourself.

It is important to be kind to yourself too!

You could follow the ideas on the calendar or create your two tasks each day. At the end of the week you might want to think about what helped you to feel happy this week.