We Miss You!

The p4 teachers are missing you all so much! We are loving seeing your work on the blog or hearing how you are getting on through emails.

If you haven’t said “Hi” yet it would be great to hear from you!;-)

We are working hard at home creating fun ideas for you to try at home. Remember to have lots of fun with your family too. There are so many skills to learn from being at home and around your local area.

Here we are working from home…

  Miss Ellis
Mrs Klein
Mrs Easter
Mrs Williams



6 thoughts on “We Miss You!”

  1. Hi are you having a fun time with your family, because i am. I play badminton and volley ball with my family it is great fun.

    1. Great to hear from you Kyle!

      Anna and Alexander are keeping me busy. We like to go on nice walks and be outdoors in the sunshine. They would love to play volleyball and badminton too.

      Keep having fun and stay safe. 😉

    1. Hi,

      Good to hear from you! That is good to know. I really like some of the Rapid Reader stories. A nice wee change.

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