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Safer Schools APP – reminder

At Mauchline PS & ECC we are keen to support parents to ensure all young people are Cyber safe, especially with the growing use of a wide range of Apps and online forms of communication (WhatsApp/TikTok/Instagram/Snapchat etc).

As part of our continued commitment, we would like to remind parents/carers about the  ‘Safer Schools’ App. This App is a reliable source of advice on all things concerning digital/internet safety. It gives empowering, up-to-date information on all current digital platforms/tools/apps in an accessible manner.

The APP has a range of tailored user accesses (pupil, staff and parents/carers). To access your parent platform please:
-Go to your APP store or Google Play and search for ‘Safer School’
-In school field type ‘East Ayrshire Council’
-The code for primary parents/carers is: 7440

We would recommend that you discuss with your child about which apps and social media platforms they currently use/access. This will help ensure they know how to stay safe online – using the app to start these types of conversations is great.

Nessy and MYON

Jus a reminder that we have two fabulous resources to help children with their literacy.


All P3-P7 children have a login to NESSY Spelling and Reading. This is a personalised reading and spelling programme which is great fun and very effective. The children all have the details of how to log in and can access the programme in school and at home.


MYON is a huge catalogue of online books accessible to all children in the school. There are over 6000 texts to choose from and the resource has a ‘Read to Me’ function which means no book is off-limits for the children. There are loads of non-fiction books to choose from as well as fiction books.

Your child will have details of how to access the resource – either in their IT passport or on the class blog page.


Speech sounds development webinar for families in East Ayrshire

Please find below information about a webinar for families with children who are struggling to pronounce certain sounds.

The webinar is Wednesday 22nd September at 7pm.

Please email to regitser:



Please also find below a link to an excellent powerpoint about speech sounds. You have to download the Powerpoint for the voice clips to work.

Phonological Awareness for Parents – with voice clips




NESSY Spelling and Reading Programme

We are once again able to offer all P3-P7 children a login to the fabulous reading and spelling programme called NESSY.

A full letter is attached with the details.

We have been using this resource for two years now and the children continue to be motivated to complete the ‘islands’ within the programme which help to develop both reading and spelling skills.

All children can login to NESSY in school and at home. We use the children’s names and dates of birth to register for the programme and to track their progress.

Please email Mrs Cross if you DO NOT wish your child to take part in the programme.

All Primary 2 children will be added to the programme later in the session.

Nessy Parent letter August 2021