We Need Your Help!

The Scottish Sun has teamed up with Collins Big Cat to give primary schools the chance to claim £550 worth of free books, suitable for P1 through to P7.

To claim the books we need your help to collect 3,500 tokens, which will be printed in The Scottish Sun and The Scottish Sun on Sunday from 24th September to 18th November.

A box is in the school library for pupils to deposit tokens.


Our first Rag Bag Collection of the session will be on Friday 28th September.
If you have any clothes, shoes, belts etc. that are still quite good but of no use to you please bag them up and hand them in to the school. The pupils will all be given rag bags next week with more details on them. Don’t worry if you can’t have them ready for the 28th, we can re-fill our bin ready for the next collection in 2019.
The clothes are weighed on the lorry and we are given money depending on how much we collect. The money is put to good use for the benefit of the school and the pupils.