Primary 5 teacher 2021-22

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Hello boys and girls,

I am delighted to let you know that your new teacher for next session in Primary 5 is Miss McColl.

Image previewI have arranged to meet her today and I will bring her along to meet you too! Pin on EMOJI

Miss McColl has made a video for you to watch so that you can find out some more about her and… she’s really looking forward to reading all about you in your PLP mind map activity you completed on Move Up day.

Hope you have a…

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Mrs McKinlay

P6 Teacher

I am absolutely delighted to say that I will be teaching the new Primary 6 class in August. 

See the video below for a message from myself.



I am so excited and can’t wait to welcome you all to Primary 6 in August.

Have an amazing summer and see you all soon.

Miss Morrison

2021 Prizewinners

Annual Celebration of Achievement
 We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the children in the school for their efforts over the past year.
Events took over and we sadly were not able to have our usual celebration in the school.
However the staff have carried on and have chosen their winners for this session.
Most of the children received their certificates today and anyone who is absent or self-isolating will receive theirs on return to school.

Each class had one winner from the following categories. 

Successful Learners.  

These children have shown enthusiasm and motivation for learning and are open to new ways of thinking

Confident Individuals. 

These children have self-respect, secure values and beliefs and show ambition. They demonstrate a growth mindset and try to achieve success in their learning and wider life. 

Responsible Citizens.  

These children demonstrate respect for others as well as for their class, school, local community and larger global issues. 

Effective Contributors.  

These children have an enterprising attitude, work well in teams and can communicate in a variety of ways and settings. 


Citizens’ Awards 

These awards are chosen by our classroom assistants who spend every day of the year with the pupils in the playground, at break and during lunch. They pay special attention to children who best display our School Values which are Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Friendship. These pupils have shown, through their attitude and behaviour, just what a good citizen of Mauchline PS & ECC should look like. 


Sports Champions 

These awards are given to the sports champions in Primary 7 after a series of events which tested their sports abilities and good sportmanship. 

Special Achievement Award 

This award was very kindly donated by the Young Farmers a few years back and is awarded to a child who displays a consistently outstanding attitude and motivation for learning and who personifies our School Values of friendship, respect, kindness and honesty. 

Cookery Book Front Cover Winner

The parent council would like to thank everyone for their amazing entries for the Recipe Book cover competition!

There were so many great entries we found it really hard to choose just one! So we decided to have 16 entries on the back cover too!

Congratulations to Hollie Hume who was the winner of the front cover competition and will recieve a recipe book for free as the prize!!

Runners up were Megan Currie, Bailey Edgar, Teagan Wilson, Ryley Connelly, Ava Murray, Laura Lhomar, Ava McClure, Chelsea Woodsell, Kerrin Healey, Sophie Lamont, Beth Donnelly, Grace Connelly, Lilah Johnstone and Sophie Drinnan.

Thank you again to all entries!

Cook book


Annual Celebration of Achievement

Unfortunately we are again unable to have our usual Annual Celebration of Achievement.

However we still want to celebrate our children and are in the process of choosing this year’s winners.

Ms Dougan and Mrs Cross will present the winners with their certificates and medals next week and will ensure that children still have a special moment.

Watch out for the winners on Twitter and the blog.

The-Exchange: a counselling and psychological support service for young people

The-Exchange is now providing counselling and emotional and psychological support in your child’s school.  This service is available to children aged 10 and over and provides a private space where children and young people can talk about things which are troubling them.  Talking things over with a professional can help children to find better ways to cope with difficulties.  If your child’s teacher or a key adult within the school feels that counselling may be beneficial to them, they will always contact you before making a request to The-Exchange.  For children under the age of 12, parental consent is required in order for the child to attend the counselling or psychological support sessions.  When supporting children under the age of 12, The Exchange involve parents at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the process with an aim to improve the overall resilience and psychological wellbeing of the family.

If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Cross, DHT.

School  phone:  01290 550306

For full information click the link below:


Bump Up Day PE Challenge

Hi everyone, my name is Mrs Scarisbrick.  I will be covering PE sessions for teacher Non Class Contact Time in Session 2021/22. This year I have been covering P1-3 classes for PE, Art and Outdoor Learning as NCCT so these children will already know me fairly well. Most of the pupils in the older classes know me from previous years when I was a class teacher. You may recognise me from the Twitter PE challenges I posted during Lockdown. Here is a great challenge for this lovely weather and it  is also good to get other people joining in when they are out a walk. We did it on the pavement past our house and it was amazing to see lots of passers by having a go on our trail, children and adults! You might find other people add actions to your trail – have fun.

Create an Activity Trail

You can either draw an activity trail with chalk outside or write activities on paper to lay on the floor for an indoor version. Make a trail with different activities for children to follow –for example: leap like a frog, giant steps, baby steps, twirly jumps, follow the line, side to side jumps, hopscotch, walking backwards, sprint finish, do 10 star jumps. 

Here are a few examples.