Virtual Assembly – National Storytelling Quiz

This week is National Storytelling Week and we have created a fun quiz (mostly for the younger children) to take part in.

Click on the link below to take part. Remember to watch the story at the end.


Please send me a photo of you enjoying a story/book this week and I will post it on Twitter for everyone to see. Enjoy!,uk

Help for Parents

We are all finding the current situation challenging. We know that some parents/carers are really struggling and we are trying to help everyone in any way we can.

PARENT CLUB is a great website with good hints and tips. ūüėä

The NSPCC website has practical guides.

BBC Bitesize isn’t only for the children.

Education Scotland publishes regular newsletters for parents/carers.

Parent Zone




BBC Big Garden Birdwatch

Just a reminder that the BBC Big Garden Birdwatch is on between the 29th and 31st January.

There is a LIVE lesson online and an CBBC this Thursday at 11am. Tune in if you can!


  1. Pick a time
    You can choose any hour between 29 and 31 January. So whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you can still take part.

  2. Tell us what you see 
    Count the birds you see in your garden¬†or from your balcony*.¬†Ignore¬†any¬†birds¬†that are¬†still¬†in flight.¬†To avoid double-counting,¬†just¬†record the highest number of each bird species you see at any one time ‚Äď not¬†a running total.

    *This year our advice is to take part in the safety of your own home. This could include a birdwatch from your window if you overlook a green space or courtyard.

  3. Submit your results
    Online: You can submit your results online at from 29 January until 19 February.
    By post: If you’d rather send your results by post, you can download a submission form below. Please post your results to us before 15 February.

Every count is important so, if you don’t see anything, please still submit your result. Finding out which birds don’t visit your area is as important as understanding those which do!

Info for Parents on developing speech sounds

Please find below an EXCELLENT powerpoint presentation designed to help parents with developing their child’s speech sounds.

We know that this is a really important development area for children and can be tricky to know what to do if your child is having speech sound difficulties.

You will need to download the powerpoint to ¬†be able to hear the clips. Viewing the ¬†powerpoint is not enough and will not let you ¬†access the ‘voice over ‘ sections. All children ¬†from P3-7 can access Microsoft Office for free by downloading it through GLOW.

Microsoft Office 365 ‚Äď Glow Connect

Speech Sounds Training for Parents – with voice clips – North East collaboration