Great Expectations Chapter 30 & 31 notes

  1. To get even with Orlick, Pip informs Jaggers about his untrustworthy nature and gets Orlick sacked from his post as guardsman at Satis House.

  2. Trabb’s boy mocking Pip is actually extremely funny because it is so disrespectful. Pip admits that he ignores the tradespeople in the street. This is what Trabbis mocking, Pip’s pretensions of grandeur where he refuses to acknowledges that this is where he comes from. Trabb’s boy takes the joke a little too far but Pip cannot recognise his actual behaviour in Trabb’s boy’s actions.

  3. Pip relieves his guilt about not visiting Joe by having a cod and barrel of oysters sent to the forge.

  4. Pip confesses that he loves Estella when he returns to Herbert in London. Herbert advises that Pip wait and see what happens as he too believes that Miss Havisham is Pip’s benefactor and has a plan for Pip and Estella. Herbert’s advice would have been better if it told him to move on from Estella.

  5. Pip and Herbert visit the theatre because Wopsle is performing in his play that night.

  6. Wopsle’s performance in Hamlet is so bad it actually becomes incredibly funny to watch. Here Wopsle has tried to turn himself into a new person for the stage and has failed miserably. Everyone else can see it but him. (Remind you of anyone?)

  7. Miss Havisham wants Pip to love Estella so she can add Pip’s heart to the tally of hearts she will make Estella break.

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