Great Expectations Chapter 32 & 33 notes

  1. Pip meets Estella’s coach so early because he is anxious about meeting Estella. It shows how nervous and fixated he is on Estella.

  2. Wemmick’s ‘greenhouse’ is the prison Newgate. It is an odd but fitting metaphor as Wemmick moves among the prisoners and speaks to them much like a gardener would pay attention to his plants.

  3. The beautiful and refined image of Estella is juxtaposed with the griminess of Newgate Prison.

  4. Pip seems attracted to Estella because she represents everything he is not. She is at the height of society and seems so refined and
    polished. These are things he wished he was confident in being.

  5. Even though Estella treats Pip badly, Pip has hope because Miss Havisham has planned for Pip to visit Estella often. This suggests to Pip that there is a plan for him and Estella.

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