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Macbeth Homework questions

So You have now copied out all the notes on Macbeth and know everything about the man and his crazy wife. Here are two questions for you to have a go at over the holidays. Fun times for you!

1. “Concealment and discovery are central to any drama.”
Discuss the structural and thematic significance of “concealment and discovery” in Macbeth.

2. “The great tragedies stamp themselves on the imagination through a series of powerful theatrical images in which the whole meaning of the play can sometimes seem to be compacted.”
Discuss the effectiveness of theatrical imagery in conveying meaning with reference to Macbeth.

Macbeth – a little headstart on the plot

taken from http://school.devoteddvd.com.au/macbeth-shakespeare-retold-dvd.html

Later in the year we will be studying Macbeth as our Drama. A few years ago the BBC adapted the story into a modern setting, transposing Macbeth and Duncan into an award-winning restaurant. If you are just wanting to get a rough idea of the plot of Macbeth without having to deal with the Shakespearian language this should be an easier way of getting to grips with it. The link below will take you to the