Great Expectations Chapter 29 notes

  1. Pip imagines that he is to be betrothed to Estella and become Lord of the manor.

  2. Estella has changed in that she has become a beautiful young woman. She is much more flirtatious than when she was younger, but it is a controlled flirting. She knows what she is doing.

  3. Miss Havisham torments Pip with questions about Estella not because she wishes to harm Pip but because she wishes to confirm how well Estella works as a tool to ‘hurt’ men.

  4. Pip decides not to visit Joe even though he is in his home town because Estella talked about how he shouldn’t associate with his old life anymore.

  5. Estella is pretty believable when she talks about having ‘no heart, no softness, no sentiment’. She appears to be everything Miss Havisham wanted her to be, she behaves almost like a puppet.

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