Great Expectations Chapter 23 & 24 notes

  1. The narrator says that the servants have the real power in the Pocket’s house as the two adult Pockets are so inept at structuring anything. In the relationship, Mr Pocket probably has more sway as he has been brought up to think for himself whereas Mrs Pocket has always been cosseted.

  2. Mrs Coiler is the Pocket’s neighbour. She is elderly and asks questions all the time. She is very similar to Miss Havisham in her vulnerability and questioning.

  3. The dinner scene at the Pockets house is funny because everyone seems to be there, including the Pocket children. However, the Pocket children seem to be the sensible ones, with one of the daughters taking the baby from Mrs Pocket as she is holding it upside-down.

  4. Mr Pocket is to give Pip lessons in how to be a gentleman – manners and knowledge he should have.

  5. Drummle and Startop are two other young men who are being ‘taught’ by Mr Pocket. Drummle is big and bullyish and the rumbling thunderous-ness of his name matches this. Startop is much brighter in his personality, and he suits the lightness of his name.

  6. Wemiick talks about ‘portable property’. He is referring to his gold and silver jewellery. He can carry it with him, and sell it when he needs to in order to get ready money.

  7. Wemmick respects Jaggers because he is very clever. He describes him as being deep and says he often looks like he has ‘set a trap from a man and is waiting’

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