Great Expectations Chapter 22 notes

  1. Herbert and Pip get on very well. Herbert is very generous and welcoming towards Pip.

  2. Herbert wants to give Pip a nickname to show their affection for one another. He dislikes Philip (Pip’s real name) as it sounds stuffy. He settles on Handel because the composer wrote a piece titled after blacksmiths (Pip’s trade).

  3. Herbert works in the Counting House (a Victorian stocks and shares job). Ultimately he would like to insure merchant ships.

  4. Pip isn’t bothered when Herbert corrects his manners as he wants to be a gentleman.

  5. Miss Havisham turned Mathew Pocket out her house because he was the only one warning her against her fiancé Compeyson. It turned out that Compeyson was working with Miss Havisham’s younger half-brother to steal her fortune or ruin her. Mathew tried to tell her this but she wouldn’t listen. Instead, on the morning of her wedding Compeyson never turned up, having sent a letter saying he wouldn’t be coming.

  6. The Pocket household is warm and loving if chaotic. Mrs Pocket is a caring mother but she does little n terms of disciplining her children or seeing to their hurts.

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