Great Expectations Chapter 20 & 21 notes

  1. Jaggers thinks Pip will not make anything of his fortune because he does not know how to manage it properly. Jaggers believes Pip will blow all the money.

  2. Jaggers is very much focused on the money. He won’t work unless he has that. He will then present the truth in a way that suits his clients outcomes.

  3. Jaggers’ office reveals that he is a well-to-do man from his work. He likes to intimidate his clients so that they know he holds the power in the work relationship.

  4. Wemmick is compared to wood to begin with. He presents a tough exterior, and seems very professional. However, he starts to warm up a little as we see him interact with Pip.

  5. Barnard’s Inn, which becomes Pip’s lodging house, is not the nicest of places. It suffices as a home, but from the outside it is unclean and noisy.

  6. Pip’s room-mate turns out to be the ‘pale young gentleman’ he fought at Satis House years ago. This was a surprise as the reader had forgotten about the boy. Pip and Herbert seem to get along. Herbert says Miss Havisham called him to Satis House to interview him, Herbert believed this interview was to potentially give him money so he could be engaged to Estella (who he doesn’t like). This is what strengthens Pip’s belief that Miss Havisham is his benefactor.

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