Great Expectations Chapter 19 notes

  1. Pip promises he will come back to the village and do something special for everyone. His words seem sincere but he seems embarrassed by the village so it is difficult to know if he will keep his promise.

  2. Pumblechook tells Pip his fortune is well-deserved because he still believes he is part of the reason it happened by taking Pip to Miss Havisham. He wants to keep in with Pip so he can feel the effects of Pip’s wealth.

  3. Trabb is the town tailor. He is a reasonable man. Trabb treats Pip with great respect because Pip now has money and can pay Trabb for things.

  4. Miss Havisham asks Pip questions which suggests she knows about Pip getting the money. She also does it in front of Sarah Pocket as if she is trying to show Sarah that she gave Pip money but not her own family.

  5. Pip initially looks forward to leaving home, but he begins to get upset at the thought of leaving Joe and Biddy behind. The chapter ends quite sadly as Pip cries over leaving his home.

  6. Pip’s expectations have been fulfilled as he always dreamed of being a gentleman and now this has become a possibility for him, with the small fortune coming into his possession.

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