Great Expectations Chapter 25 & 26 notes

  1. Pip becomes close friends with Herbert, and they share a house and a boat together.

  2. Pip goes to visit Wemmick for dinner. Wemmick treats the butcher with politeness as he collects meat for dinner. As Pip and WEmmick walk home, Wemmick’s mood lightens and he becomes less stiff and professional and more friendly.

  3. Walworth reflects WEmmick’s personanlity because from the front it is closed off and defensive with its maze and its gun. However, once you get inside the property you realise how cosy and homely and friendly it is – just like WEmmick.

  4. Jagger’s home makes clear that he is a workaholic. The house is a good one in Soho, but it is need of a paintjob. Inside is similar, in that the finish is of a high quality, but it has not been kept up. The house is large but Jaggers only uses three rooms and Pip reports that he brings work home with him. All the books are law/criminality books.

  5. Jaggers’ housekeeper, Molly, is a quiet but strong woman. She seems wary of Jaggers, as if waiting for his disapproval. She has deep scars cutting across her wrists, and Jaggers tells the boys that she has stronger wrists than any other woman or man.

  6. Jaggers refers to Drummle as ‘the spider’. It makes us think that he is someone to be aware of as he might try and trick people.

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