Great Expectations Chapter 8 notes

  1. Mr Pumblechook treats Pip strangely before going to Satis House. He keeps making him answer sums. He is testing Pip.

  2. Satis House is like a prison. Despite being a beautiful building at one point, it has been walled up in parts and fitted with iron bars.

  3. Pip concludes that Miss Havisham and the room look the way they do because everything has stopped.

  4. Pip and Estella are not comfortable together. Estella cannot be bothered with Pip and she bullies and belittles him. Pip remains polite throughout but Estella snaps and is cruel.

  5. Pip feels ashamed for appearing working class – his hands, his naming the cards ‘jacks’ and not ‘knaves’.

  6. When Pip leaves he sees a vision of Miss Havisham hanging from a beam.

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