Great Expectations Chapter 9 & 10 notes

  1. Pip didn’t want to tell the truth about what happened at Satis House (playing cards with Estella whilst Miss Havisham watched) because he didn’t think they’d understand Miss Havisham’s weirdness.

  2. Instead he makes up a funny weird story about his visit in which he claims he went in a coach in the house and drank wine and ate fancy food and played with swords.

  3. Mrs Joe and Pumblechook believe Pip’s story because they know Miss Havisham is a bit weird and neither of them have met or seen her.

  4. Joe is angry when Pip tells him the truth because he doesn’t want Pip telling lies. He also explains that he has nothing to be embarrassed about because if he works hard then he can educate himself and achieve things.

  5. Pip’s expectations have changed because he now knows he can control his fate through hard work.


  7. Pip is dissatisfied with Mr Wopsle’s school because he realises it is a sham. The teacher sleeps the whole time, the children constantly fight each other, there are no resources in the room that are usuable and the children recite things that they don’t actually understand properly.

  8. Pip and Joe find bank notes in Joe’s pocket when they get back from the pub after Pip’s school. Pip knows the money is from the convict because the stranger in the pub who put the money in Joe’s pocket had secretly shown Pip the stolen file.

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