Great Expectations Chapter 6 & 7 notes

  1. At the beginning of C6 Pip feels bad because he lied to Joe.

  2. Pip doesn’t feel ashamed for stealing Mrs Joe’s food because he doesn’t love her. However, he loves Joe and so the lies make him feel bad.

  3. Mr Pumblechook declares that the convict climbed the outer walls and used his bedsheets to clamber down the chimney and exited out the same way. This suggests Pumblechook is very imaginative and also pompous as he won’t let anyone challenge his idea.

  4. Pip was to be apprenticed which means learning a trade over a period of years.

  5. Pip is educated at an evening school. The teacher constantly falls asleep as the kids learn very little. They pay for this lack of education. The owner recites to them suggesting education was rote learning rather than learning how to think critically for yourself.

  6. We learn that Joe’s childhood was very difficult. His father was a drunk who beat up his mum and him. His mum tried to take him away several times, but his father always found them and brought them back. He hadn’t really gone to school much as it cost money, but he became apprenticed as a blacksmith so he could start earning.

  7. Joe is motivated to stay with Mrs Joe because she reminds him of his mother. Also he sees himself in Pip and wants him to be cared for.

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