Great Expectations Chapter 5 notes

  1. The suspense of Chapter 4 is resolved as Pip does not receive the blame for stealing the pie. The militia enter and ask for help in making irons to catch the escaped convicts.

  2. The Sergeant is very polite and upright. He says all the right things, although he says more than he has too.

  3. The convict realises that Pip did not tell on him and cannot understand why he kept silent about him.

  4. The two convicts are angry at one another because they were tried and convicted of the same crime. Convict 2 blames Convict 1 for being there, Convict 1 simply wants to harm Convict 2.

  5. Joe says he was happy that the convict got food for his night on the marshes. This shows Joe is a caring person.

  6. The reference to the ship as a ‘wicked Noah’s ark’ is because there are so many convicts packed onto the ship and instead of being taken somewhere nice they are going to do hard labour.

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