Great Expectations Chapter 3 & 4 notes

  1. Pip meets another convict when he sets out to make his delivery who he thinks is the man employed to eat him.

  2. It is surprising when Convict 1 reacts to the news of Convict 2 as it suggests there never was another man with him and Pip has been scared for no reason.

  3. Mr Wopsle is the clerk for the church and he says that ‘Swine were the companions of the Prodigal (Jesus)’ Mr Wopsle says it to suggest there is something wrong with Pip. Dickens includes it to make a joke about Mr Wopsle eating pork whilst talking about pigs.

  4. It is ironic that Mrs Joe does not attend church as she claims to be a devout Christian. She claims she does not attend so she can get more work done as Joe and Pip aren’t in the house.

  5. Mrs Joe and Joe host Christmas dinner. They invite Mr Wopsle the church clerk, Mr Hubble the wheelwright and his wife, and also Mr Pumblechook who was a grain merchant and Joe’s uncle.

  6. Mr Wopsle and Mr Pumblechook are both prideful and entitled men who have a lot to say without actually saying very much.

  7. At this point in the novel it is suggested that Pip would become a blacksmith apprenticed to Joe.

  8. Suspense is built at the end of Chapter 4 as Pip has stolen a pie to give to the convict which was to be presented as the pudding at Christmas dinner. He is now stressing about how he will not get the blame for his act of thievery.

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