Scottish Poetry Winners

Since the beginning of this term, all children have been busy learning a Scots poem. They had to consider their pronunciation, pace, volume, clarity and use of actions.  Mr Plant had the hard job of deciding the winners from each class.  They are as follows:

P1 – Moray (Raindrops by J K Annand)

P2 – Ava Stevenson (Twa Legged Mice by J K Annand)

P3 – Niamh Castle (Circus by J K Annand)

P3/4 – Lachlan MacDonald (The Magic Pizza by Alison Fitt)

P4/5 – Millie Whorlow (Skippin by J K Annand)

P5/6 – Erin McCulloch ( Willie Wastle by Robert Burns)

P7 – Jenny McCulloch (Up in the Morning Early by Robert Burns)


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