P4/5 Scottish Inventor’s

Mr Taylor came into p4/5 to tell them about his famous Ladder Limb.It is for painters.You put it in the holes that are at the side of your ladder.You can put up to 10 kilos on the ladder limb and you can put paint buckets on it and tools.Adam and Jamie won a ladder limb for free from Mr Taylor.His best place to sell them is B&Q and all over the world.He has sold over 60,000 to 70,000 a year since he made them.

ST Ninian

St Ninian was born in 341 AD.He travaled to Rome in Itlay and came back in 383 Ad and he also built a kurk in 383.St Ninian then tought people in the kirk in the same year and he then did another journey to learn more about God  

By Lauren P3

p2/3 Scotland

We have ben learning about Scottish clothing. Our house corner is a cotton mill. In the mill we pretend to be a  character in the mill. We have been having fun.

By Halli, Tee-jay and Adam F P2/3

P1 Scotland

P1 have been learning about Robert Burns .They have made a burns cottage in there class room to go in they also made small models of the cottage made out of  junk.On tuesday the 11th of February the P1 will be going to Alloway to see Burns cottage accompanied by the primary 7.

Open afternoon

On Tuesday there was an open afternoon for parents to see the scottish poet winners. Each class performed in front of the parents as well. Thank you to all the parents that came along.

Robert the Bruce

He was king of scots.Born on 11 of  july 1274.Primary 5/6 have been learning all about  his life.One thing you should know is that he took the throne in 1306.

by lewis. and Dane brown

Junk models

The school all made models out of junk.Lots of people entered the competition.It was hard to choose the winners but the p1/3 winner was Mitch. The p4/7 winner was Lewis Cowan. The family winners were the Ryder family.

by Harryand Abby

P 7s Topic

p 7 have been researching the life of Robert burns’ also organising the supper and ceilidh

we have been making books to read to the primary ones who are also studying burns’

Robert Burns

        Here is two boys showing us the address to

the haggis it is the burns’ supper that P 7 organised

School ceilidh

On monday Sheuchan held a ceilidh there was dances and treats.Thanks for coming to support the school

BY Aidyn and Jamie

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