Scot’s Poetry Winners

All the boys and girls worked hard to practise and perform a Scot’s poem. The finalists were judged by Mr Plant . He had a hard decision in all classes but his final choice was:

P1 – Moray Allison (Raindrops by J K Annand)

P2 – Ava Stevenson (Twa Legged Mice by J K Annand)

P3 – Niamh Castle (Circus by J K Annand)

P3/4 – Lachlan MacDonald (The Magic Pizza by Alison Fitt)

P4/5 – Millie Whorlow (Skippin by J K Annand)

P5/6 – Erin McCulloch (Wullie Wastle by Robert Burns)

P7 – Jenny McCulloch (Up in the Morning Early by Robert Burns)

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