Sports Success!

This week we have had lots of our pupils taking part in athletics and swimming.

Our P7 Girls teams won the Sprint relay at David Keswick on Monday and the Gala Swimming relay on Thursday at DGOne.

Well done to all who took part including our reserves.

Christopher, Kian, Tyler, Neil and Neil won 2nd in the School relay event.
Amy, Jemma, Nina, Anya and Gemma won the Girls' Swim relay.
Amy, Jemma, Nina,Anya and Gemma, our Swim team.


Jemma, Gemma, Anya and Amy lift the winning trophy!
Aidan, Jack, Harry and Finlay in the Boys Sprint team.
Neil, Lennox, Joshua and Joshua in our second boys' Relay team
Rhea, Elvie, Leah and Jade in the P6 Girls' Relay team

Jemma, Erin, Sarah and Amy winthe trophy for the Girls' Sprint relay