Phillipines Disaster

This year half of the Christmas Raffle proceeds will go to the D.E.C. Phillipines Typhoon Appeal. It is a very worthy cause as I’m sure you will all agree. Sending support at this time shows the true spirit of Christmas.

Primary 5 have now got their Christmas gift shoeboxes away to children abroad who are less fortunate. We hope their contribution will lift some spirits this Christmas.

Bake Sale Success

Primary 5 held their Bake Sale yesterday and the very latest total raised is £123.37 . They will use the money they raised to buy gifts to fill shoe boxes which will be given to St. George’s Church for their Operation Christmas Child project. The shoeboxes are given to children based on need, regardless of their background or religious belief.

The children have learned lots during this activity and it raises their awareness of global issues and helps them become global citizens.

Well done Primary 5.