This week…..

I’ve discovered that my blogging skills are not what I’d hoped they’d be! It appears that posts and pages are not the same thing……so I’ve had another lesson and think that I have it clear now!  Most things will now appear on this front page and be automatically archived. I will still put the newsletter on the newsletter page but the Captains’ log items will now appear here!

We were delighted that our Euro Quiz  and our Rotary Quiz teams both came second in their respective competitions. The Euro quizzers went to a tie break and the Rotary quizzers lost by one question!

Aaron, Harry, Vidhi and Neil our Euroquiz Team

Amy, Erin, Finlay and Emily. Our Rotary Quiz Team.

Well done to you all… you made us very proud.

I wonder if you saw the article on the news this week about a Head Teacher in the north of England who sent home a list of banned words! He was making the point that children should be able to speak Standard English and that also helps with children’s spelling. I won’t be sending home a list of words that are banned but I do think  he was making a valid point!