Eggsellent Idea!

Mr Muir has been talking about recycling at recent assemblies. On Thursday he showed the children, and staff, how to use an empty eggshell for growing seeds. He also told us that when you plant out your seedlings the eggshell goes straight into the ground and provides the soil with nutrients!

Cameron and Katie wre the volunteers this week at Assembly.

The Gardening Club will be running a competition for plants grown in eggshells. Watch out for news of this coming out soon.

New Term!

At last we have some sunshine! This is always a busy term and soon we will be practising for Sports Days.

Infant Sports Day (P1 – P3) is on Tuesday28th May at the M.U.G.A. from 1:30 p.m. Senior Sports (P4 – P7) is on Tuesday 4th June at Dumfries Academy Playing Field. If the weather is wet the sports will be cancelled until a later date. We do a check in the morning of the ground and make a decision before lunch if they will go ahead. If we have to cancel we will send you a text message.