Holidays are here again.

School closes this afternoon for two weeks and reopens on Monday 28th October at 9 a.m. I hope the weather is kind.

We had a successful practice for Tiger! Tiger! today and the children were as quiet as mice.

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Parents’ Evening has passed and I do hope that next time we have better attendance!

It’s almost the end of term again. I can hardly believe it. Primary 7 have started to form groups who have different responsibilities in school. Our Media / News group have some photos of what’s been happening at school.

P6 made models them got their volcanoes to "erupt". No one was injured!
Darby, Anna and Thomas are first to receive a Loreburn Achievement Bracelet.
Lovely art work from P7 during their work on China.
Our entrance hall has a very attractive display made by P5.

It’s lovely to see everyone back to school and looking so smart. Primary One have had a long week and are a bit tired….as are most of us!

It’s Primary 7’s last year at Loreburn and already they are shaping up to be a great P7 setting good role models for the rest of the school. They are pictured here with Miss Brydson ,their new teacher.

Miss Corner and Miss Brydson have joined our staff and we hope they will enjoy being part of the Loreburn Team.

Holidays are nearly over.

We have been so lucky with the weather this holiday, let’s hope we have some more sunny days before school goes back. If you have been past the school you may have seen a lot of work going on. The back of the school has been almost rebuilt when the replacement of the flat roof uncovered some serious decay underneath.

There are new steps being installed and next week some of the playground is being resurfaced. The school should be looking a lot smarter when we get back.

I hope everyone is making the most of the last couple of weeks of the holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 19th August.