Modern Studies



 Interdependent world –

  • Measures of development
  • football in Africa and the importance of education
  • globalisation of trade
  • fair trade
  • child slavery

Conflict and Child soldiers

  • a focus on Uganda

Have your say


  • The various means of participating in the decision making process
  • Legal means vs. illegal means – why do people feel the need to break the law?
  • Class/group campaign on a key local issue
  • Influence of the media on decision making

(Case studies for the above are topical and will change from year to year)

National 4 and 5 Modern Studies


A social, economic and political look at one of the worlds big powers.

  • Rural/Urban living and inequality
  • Chinese population and the one child policy
  • The Hukou and other restrictions on Chinese people
  • Communism and new Chinese style Communism
  • Control of the media
  • The death penalty and Chinese Human rights
  • China’s developing economy
  • Pollution and global warming


Social Issues in the United Kingdom

Crime and the Law

  •  Types of Crime
  • Causes of Crime
  • Impact of Crime
  • Tackling Crime


Democracy in the UK or Scotland

  •  Representation
  • Participation
  • Election Campaigns
  • Influence

    Higher Modern Studies

In Higher Modern Studies, pupils have the opportunity to debate issues which are integral to 21st century life.  We will use a variety of media to encourage a deeper understanding of modern social, political and economic issues.

Devolved Decision Making in Scotland

  • Party representation in the Scottish parliament
  • The effects of the electoral system on decision making
  • Founding principles of the Scottish parliament
  • Legislative procedures
  • The work of Committees
  • Appointment, role and powers of the First Minister
  • The effectiveness of the Scottish Parliament in holding the Scottish government to account
  • The devolved and reserved powers
  • Scottish representation at Westminster
  • The role of local government, including powers and responsibilities, financing, COSLA

Electoral Systems, voting and political attitudes


  • Links between electoral systems and results
  • Influences on voting e.g social class, age, issues etc.
  • Influence of the media on voting behaviour
  • Press party affiliations
  • Government regulation of media
  • Opinion polls and referenda
  • Importance of voter participation

Wealth and Health Inequalities in the United Kingdom

  • Changing class structure
  • Founding principles of the welfare state
  • Causes of inequalities in wealth
  • Causes of inequalities in health
  • Healthcare and welfare provision
  • Reasons for changing levels of poverty
  • National policies and strategies for dealing with inequalities in health and wealth

The United States of America


  • Role and power of president, including relations between president, Congress and Supreme court.
  • Democrat and Republican parties and their support
  • Voter registration, turnout and representation
  • The debate over immigration
  • The effectiveness of government responses to inequalities in participation and representation
  • Social and economic issues, case study of ethnic minorities looking at the nature and extent of inequalities and the effectiveness of government responses to these.










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