Humanities and Citizenship

Humanities and Citizenship Faculty Staff:

Ms Catherine Paterson – Principal Teacher Faculty
Miss Gayle Cameron (History) 
Mrs Joanne Meynet (Geography)
Ms Emma Paterson (Geography)
Mr Peter Robinson (Geography)
Mrs Kellie Gibb (Modern Studies)
Mr Ross McClymont (Modern Studies)
Mr Ross Brown (Modern Studies)
Mr George Clail (Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies)

Social Subjects is studied by all pupils in S1 and S2.

S1     We are going to be studying a totally integrated course for the first time this year. We will be starting with a Local Project studying the Geography and History of Kemnay.   In Geography the pupils use local maps to understand the site of Kemnay and its development over time.  We visit the ‘Place of Origin’ viewpoint to make a land-use sketch and look at surrounding landmarks.  We will study the History of Kemnay with a particular focus on Kemnay Quarry and John Fyfe. We will also look at what it means to be a responsible citizen in Kemnay and KemnayAcademy.

We will then start a course called ‘Adams Bairns’ this is a study of what it is to be Scottish from a History and Modern Studies perspective. We start looking at the Forced Movement of People; Scottish Identity and Diversity and Prejudice and Discrimination and Taking Action for Change

Lastly we will be looking at “Rich World Poor World” looking at what makes the rich so rich and the poor so poor and what we can do to narrow the gap. This will include a section on fair trade with will coincide with Fair Trade fortnight and the importance of a clean water supply which coincides with “Water Week”. We will be comparing life in the UK and Ghana and looking in particular at schools.

S2    In S2 we will be studying the discrete subjects; Geography, History and Modern Studies. We work in 6 week blocks so cover two courses for each subject.


The broad heading for our first block is Scotland. We will be studying map work, including towns and cities, rivers and mountains, map referencing, scale and map symbols.
In our second block there is an element of choice. We will be looking at Earth Forces, the Artic or Rainforests.


In our first block we will be studying “What is History” including ideas of time and chronology and either a research project on 1920 – 2020 which will involve creating a timeline of historical changes in each of the decades; or Scotland at the time of James V1. This will include the life of James V1 the Gunpowder Plot, the Darien Scheme, the Union of the Crowns and the Treaty of Union.

In our second block there is also an element of choice. We will be looking at either The Wild West or World War Two.

Modern Studies

In the Modern studies block pupils will be looking at representation in the UK, taking into account why representation is important and ways of participating in the democratic process.

We will be looking at Human Rights, covering what these are and why they are important.  We also spend time looking at case studies of where rights have been lost, and also debating issues where there are conflicts of interests between the rights of different groups.  Also Terrorism in it’s many forms at home and abroad.

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