Interdependent World

  • looking at the inequalities around the world and reasons for it
  • focus on Ghana and the cocoa industry
  • clothing industry and exploitation of workers fair trade

Our local area of Aberdeen

  • looking at the Oil industry in NE Scotland
  • the development of AberdeenCity(with a trip to Aberdeen city to carry out fieldwork)
  • transport issues in Northeast Scotland

Global issues

  • A focus on desertification and deforestation.
  • Weather studies
  • Geology, weathering and erosion
  • Modern issues in agriculture

National 4 and 5 Geography


  • A focus on the UK
  • Air masses
  • Depressions and anticyclones

 Landscapes (there will be an element of choice for this section)

  • Glaciated uplands
  • Rivers and valleys (with a trip to carry out fieldwork)

Within this unit there will be a focus on the formation of features, land uses and land use conflicts


  • Characteristics of land uses within a city (case study of Aberdeen)
  • Developments within the city’s CBD, inner city and rural/urban fringes
  • Developments in shanty towns


  • Changes in the rural landscape in a developed country looking at various influences including the EU
  • Changes in the rural landscape in a developing country, and the impact of these changes e.g. machinery

Global issues

  • Climate change
  • Environmental hazards

Higher Geography

 In higher geography, pupils will gain a deeper understanding of issues that surround them on a day to day basis, as well as opportunities to learn outside the traditional classroom setting.

Physical geography:

  • Atmosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Lithosphere
  • Hydrosphere

Human Geography:

  • Population (population distribution; population pyramids; migration)
  • Industry (old and new industries looking at local case studies)
  • Urban (growth of cities such as Glasgow)
  • Rural (shifting cultivation; intensive peasant farming; extensive commercial farming)

Environmental Interactions:

  • Rural land resources
  • Development and Health (looking at country case studies to understand the differences in development, as well as looking at the disease of Malaria)


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