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Merry Christmas shoppers

Primary 4 children from Lochnell were invited to cheer up shoppers in Oban by creating festive windows in Tescos. As well as reindeer and christmas trees they painted winter scenes and all the shoppers passing by were delighted with the cheery outcome.  Mrs McCrindle, their teacher, produced freehand outlines for the children to work on and they painted and decorated with great glee until every window they’d been assigned was a mass of colour. Continue reading Merry Christmas shoppers

Trains and boats and ….. libraries!

The Primary 1 class at Lochnell had a fantastic day out to celebrate the end of their topic on Travelling.
On Thursday 6th December we all boarded a bus at school – we’d used the bus for last week’s visit to the bookshop but this time we had a coach so we were up much higher than before. The coach took us to the train station at Connel and then we got on the train to travel to Oban. We loved being on the train because it sounded really cool and we could see the countryside rushing past us. Continue reading Trains and boats and ….. libraries!

Reading Playdate!!

As part of Book Week celebrations the Early Level children at Lochnell Primary and Nursery invited parents into school for a reading playdate.
Grown ups could bring in their favourite book to read or choose to listen to another person read and we had some brilliant stories read to us.
Matthew’s Dad read Lost and Found, Adam’s Mum read Mr Magnolia and Olivia’s Mum read Stick Man. Rachael’s Dad read The Giant Jam Sandwich,Lewis’ Mum read The Selfish Crocodile and Megan and Alexander’s grannys read A Squash and a Squeeze and Alfie Gets in First. What a treat it was. Continue reading Reading Playdate!!

Reading Routes at Lochnell

Primary 1 children from Lochnell went to visit Waterstones Book Shop in Oban as part of their Reading Routes programme.
We are trying to find out as much as we can about books and reading. We decided a bookshop would be a good start and since we are also investigating different ways of travelling we went on a bus from Benderloch to Oban and back again.
During our bookshop visit we discovered that there are 25 thousand books in the shop
(they counted them last week) and that they have a special computer programme to order books they don’t have if someone can’t find the book they are looking for. Continue reading Reading Routes at Lochnell

Lochnell Entertainers Venture Forth

The pupils from Early Level at Lochnell Primary were out and about on Thursday 22nd November. We had an invitation to sing to residents at the local care home, The Lynn of Lorn. We are regular visitors and love to sing old favourites and new songs too.  As well as Nursery Rhymes the residents were invited to join in action songs and songs about worms and frogs … we weren’t sure if other people would like these songs but they certainly did and they were happy to join in the singing and actions too. Continue reading Lochnell Entertainers Venture Forth


Lochnell Primary Six received a lovely surprise in the post on Friday 26th October, a letter from Buckingham Palace!

The children had written to Her Majesty The Queen back in June to tell her about the amazing garden party their school had hosted as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, they had also asked Her Majesty some questions about her pets, but had doubted they would get a reply as they thought The Queen would be far too busy.   However, the children were delighted to receive a letter on Friday, with an apology for the delay, thanking the children for their kind wishes and for describing their garden party so well, the letter also contained information about Her Majesty’s pets.

Lochnell pupils travel back in time!

As part of their project about Crofting, Lochnell pupils from Primary five, six and seven enjoyed a great experience travelling back in time at the Auchindrain Township on Wednesday 24th October.  The children who have been running their very own ‘virtual’ crofts in class have been comparing crofting in the past to modern day. 

The children enjoyed a day learning about farming life, agricultural improvements and change with lots of hands on activities which included; making dolls, a mystery object quiz, traditional remedies, dressing up in period clothes and cooking delicious scones on an open fire inside one of the houses.


A proud Primary 4 from Lochnell Primary School is hoping that her picture will help to light up the dark days of Oban’s Winter Festival. Her picture has been chosen for the cover of the festival programme and the delighted 7 year old hopes that when you pick up your programme for the festival you’ll have as big a smile on YOUR face as she had on hers when she found out that her design had been chosen. We all wish the festival well for its second successful year and look forward to seeing lots of schools joining in the fun. Continue reading WINTER FESTIVAL winner!

Making story CDs was today’s mission at Lochnell

Reading for RNIB Day is 19th October but as that falls during the holidays we decided to have our RNIB day today. Children from nursery to Primary 7 in Lochnell and visitors from Achaleven Primary were involved in creating a huge range of story recordings which will be made into CDs and form a story bank for sighted children and those with visual impairments.  Stories for Early Years children will also have brailed books made to match the CDs and be kept in a story bag with items from the story for children to handle so they can understand more about each story. Continue reading Making story CDs was today’s mission at Lochnell

Toothbrushing Skills

Nursery and Primary 1 children at Lochnell were visited by Yvonne Sloss, the dental nurse, who reminded us how to stay healthy by eating and drinking the right things at meal times.  She also showed us how to brush our teeth properly so that we won’t get any holes in them … we all agreed that we didn’t want toothache.

All of the children were given new toothbrushes to use at home as well as the brushes they have in school.  Yvonne had a giant sized toothbrush that we got to brush huge teeth with.  Thanks Yvonne!


Primary 4 children from Lochnell were invited to attend an event at Atlantis Leisure where they could try out a variety of racket sports – table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis.

They all enjoyed the opportunity to try a new game and improve on skills they had acquired in more familiar games. It was also great to mix with other children from Park Primary in Oban.  Since their return to school they’ve been creating pictures to show others some of the sports they took part in.

Continue reading Racketathon

Animal Antics

Primary 1 pupils at Lochnell have been finding out more about how to care for pets.  As well as visits from kittens, a terrapin and some day old chicks with a mother hen they were treated to some snake handling and a visit from Barney, the new pup who we all decided looked exactly like Floppy from the stories we’ve been reading in school.

Next in store are our investigations of animals who can help us ….. with a guide dog and a horse poised to enter the playground.

Continue reading Animal Antics

Roald Dahl Celebrations continue

Children in Lochnell primaries 2 – 7 were delighted, on Author’s Live day, to have  the chance to find out more about one of their best loved authors.  As Primaries 2 and 3 have been enjoying the BFG and P4 are investigating writing their own “revolting rhymes”, Roald Dahl  is already a firm favourite.

Many children have read and continue to read his stories and poems in school and at home and use him as a role model for their imaginitive writing.

Oban Lorn and the Isles Spring Tag Festival 2012

More than 150 Primary School children from the Oban area attended the recent Spring Tag Rugby Festival hosted by Oban Lorne RFC. The event which was organised by Scottish Rugby Modern Apprentices Emma Roxburgh and Fergus Matheson was delivered as an end of season friendly tournament for all the primary schools who have taken part in the Tag Rugby Programme this school year. The event was run in Partnership with Active Schools co-ordinator Dale Kupris and Rugby Development Officer Allan Wright who assisted with the organisation of the event.

Continue reading Oban Lorn and the Isles Spring Tag Festival 2012

‘Lochbeg’s’ momentous occasion!

22nd May was an exciting day for the pupils and staff of Lochnell and Dunbeg Primary Schools, or ‘Lochbeg’ as they were renamed for this momentous occasion. The two schools engaged in the ultimate in interdisciplinary learning for the whole term from Easter onwards as they competed for their country for prestigous online medals. The pupils across the schools were split into six teams and could earn medals in every aspect of school and out-of-school life if their efforts correlated with one of the six Olympic and Paralympic values, such as friendship, fairness, determination etc. Continue reading ‘Lochbeg’s’ momentous occasion!