Sport Stars

On the 28th March P4/5/6/7 will be doing an shinty interhouse challenge. Between Orsay Texa and Nave. It will be held by the citizenship group the Sports Stars. It will be a fun and an exiting day because it will be a day that all the houses can be active and be competitive and have a blast. Every term we are going to have an inter house challenge between Orsay, Texa and Nave. Next term the sport stars are going to arrange a rugby interhouse challenge for teams it is 6 aside and it is p4/5 that can enter it.

Fair Trade Tuck

ftThe Earth Watchers group will be holding a fair trade tuck shop in Port Ellen Primary for the pupils. We are going to be selling GEO bars, raisins, rice crispy bars we are also hoping that the Co-op will be very kind and give us some fair trade bananas and all sorts of fair trade foods.

What  is fair trade? Fair trade is when you have food that has been produced in a way that is fair to farmers. Fair trade is good to buy because you know you are supporting producers to get a sensible amount of money.

School Waste Week

Two weeks ago when we were doing citizenship the green gang did a waste bin survey for all the classes. In each class there is a paper bin and a general waste bin. The green gang collected the waste in a bin bag but we separated the paper and the general waste in different bags. We then put one bag at a time in to a scale and measured. We then wrote the measurements down and we then put it onto Exel in a chart. There was a measurement for each class and each bin in each class.

The results show what class is the best at putting the right waste in the right bin. The red bar is the general waste and the blue bar is the paper bin. P1/2/3 class paper bin weighed: 60g. The general waste bin weighed: 150g. P4/5 paper bin weighed: 20g. The general waste bin weighed: 750g. P5/6/7 paper bin weighed: 120g. The general waste bin weighed: 140g. The class that had the lowest paper bin weight was P4/5 and the class that had the lowest general waste bin weight was P5/6/7. The things P1/2/3 had in their paper bin were wrapping paper and paper so they had good things. In P1/2/3 general waste bin they had sand, stickers, an apple and a bottle so they had good things again. In P4/5 paper bin they had newspaper, glue stick, sticks and crisp packets. P4/5 had one bad thing which was the newspaper because it should have been in the paper bin. P4/5 paper bin they had string, wool and paper. In P5/6/7 general waste bin there was crisps, paper towels, tissues and kinder wrappers. The bad things were the tissues and paper towels. Then in the P5/6/7 paper bin there was a bottle lid, pencil and mechanical pencil. The bad things there were the bottle lid, pencil and the mechanical pencil. The class with the least bad things in each bin was P1/2/3. Well done P1/2/3 keep up the good work.

By The Green Gang.

Breakfast Club

img_1788Every Wednesday morning, from 8:30-9:00 we have been running a Breakfast Club for people in the school, So they can come to have Breakfast. Breakfast is very important because it gives you a good start to the day. The Mindfulness Minions have organised the Breakfast Club, they have wrote a letter to the co-op to say thank you because they donated all the food that we have at Breakfast Club. At Breakfast Club there is Croissants, Cereal, Hot chocolate, tea, juices and toast. Everyone loves going to Breakfast Club, and everyone who goes gets a great start to the day. We all have to thank the co-op for donating food to the school. We all have been enjoying Breakfast Club.

Thank You

Mindfulness Minions

Endeavour Afternoon

img_1848On Tuesday  21st February P5/6/7 of Port Ellen went to Bowmore Primary School to talk about Endeavour. We were all partnered with someone from Bowmore And they had to take us around their school and to talk to us about Endeavour. We had to fill in a sheet about what we had achieved and get our partener to fill the other side in. Most people found it better when we were working with Bowmore Primary.

This is what  people are doing for Endeavour –

Charlie- Cal Mac Boats Around Islay

Darren- Golf

Taylor- Sports On Islay

Jack- Golf Design

Kaitlyn- Cake Decorating

Sarah- Giant Pandas

Ciaran- Electricity and Engineering

Natalie- Horse Riding

Sophie- Animation

Aaron- Art

Rowan- Magic

Abi- Photography

Aidan- Deforestation

Lauren- Bath and Beauty

Matthew- Comic And Animation

Eva- Skin Care And Beauty Industry

Holly- Birds

Ellie- Toys In The Past

Rhys- Kodu Game Lab

Struan- Fitness And Bones In The Bodyimg_0149

Kaya- Famous Poetry

Rebecca- Islay Heritage

Ruaraidh- Writing A Book

Andre- Graphic Novels

And we fell that everyone is getting on very well with there Endeavour. Good luck to everyone with there Endeavour prodject!!

by Natalie and Sophie.

Dolphins Championship

img_1786In the holidays there was the dolphins championship and lots of people went there to take part. Struan and Matthew and Sophie and Lauren took part from the primary school but there was lots of people that took part in the high school in Port Ellen.  Struan took two Trophies and four golds.  Lauren two silvers and one bronze.  Sophie brought three bronzes.  Matthew got Swimmer of the month. He also got first session boys champion and got three golds and one silver and a runner up medal.  The ultimate swimmer went Struan fourth, Ross came third, Cameron came second and DJ came first. It was a very fun day and then we got tasty food after.

Internet Safety

In school with Mr Shakespeare we have been learning about internet safety. He has showed us different websites with fun games to help us. Those games helped us because they had questions about what to do if someone asks you to meet up and other important questions. Mr Shakespeare gave us this site called Thinkuknow and it is really good because it gives you games.The games on that site helps us because they give us three options is you want to delete it, keep it or reply to the message. Mr Shakespeare gave us a book that said all the facts that we need to know about internet safety. There is another site called Scratch and it is really good because you can make up your own quiz. And P567 made a quiz for the P123 in pairs.
Some of the things we have learnt are SMART which is S: Safe, If you are online you should make sure you are playing games you are allowed to play also is you are researching a question you should make sure it is the right thing. M:Meeting, If you are online and you get a message from someone you don’t know saying do you want to meet up tomorrow at lunch time? You say no because they could say they are 12 years old but they are actually 45 years old. Also is you get a really nice message you should know the person before you meet up but first you should check with an adult. A:Accepting, if you are on E-mail and you get a message from someone you don’t know and the send you a message which has a link but the do not mention the link in the message you should not open it because it could give your device a virus. R:Reliable, Reliable is when you are on the internet researching and you go a website that doesn’t sound very true so it wouldn’t be a very reliable website. A reliable website would be Wikipedia. T:Tell, Tell is if you get a nasty message don’t delete it because you could get more mean messages. Instead you should tell an adult you trust.

Football Coach

img_0617On Monday 20th February Port Ellen Primary School had Martin Rae in to do football coaching and sports leader training with the children. We had to do warm up activities that were very fun and active. We had to do different types of relay races in our assigned teams. We had to practice dribbling using the new more challenging skills that we had been taught. At the end we sat down and he told us different warm up activities that would help us run our clubs. Over all we thought that it was a great experience and helped improve our football skills.

My Kodu Endeavor

img_1371At Port Ellen primary school my endeavor is Kodu lab game. Kodu is a game to learn the physics of coding however ignoring writing things down like regular coding. You can do all sorts of things like build a world, create objects and robots, create hills and more. You can “program” anything as long as it is a object and make it do almost whatever you want.

For my Kodu endeavor I am doing different levels. For my first level I made a time challenge. You have three minutes to either do a hard jumping challenge or to do a race. when you complete a challenge you will be transported to the next level. In the 2nd level there will be 11 trees. 10 trees will give you a game over but 1 tree will transport you to the next level. In the next level there is a maze where there are 5 red apples and 5 black apples. The black apples give you minus 10 points but red will give you plus 10 points. Getting minus points will result in game over however getting 50 points will give you a win.

For my 4th level (which is still in development) I am making a space invaders game. there will be a light spawning in stars which will shoot at you and if you run out of health you lose. If you destroy a certain amount of stars you will win. For the 5th level I am thinking of doing a plat former level where you have to jump on blocks and try to reach the top while trying to beat a computer controlled robot which is also going to the top.  It is great fun.