Jan 142013

Islay is a beautiful place to live. I’ll start by talking about the beaches, the beaches on Islay tend to be rocky and seaweed covered, but you can find nice sandy ones. We also have lots of peaty fields and lots of moor land that is very wet. In the center of the Island there are lots of hills. But the Oa has lots of steep clifts and is very boggy and rugged. On Islay we have eight villages, Port Ellen, Bowmore, Port Charlotte, Bruichladdich, Portnahaven, Keills, Ardbeg, Balygrant and Bridgend but only four villages have Schools. We also have 8 distillerees. Islay is known for having some of the best whiskey in Scotland. Islay has lots of cool places to visit as well.

  10 Responses to “Places on Islay”

  1. Wow Scotland is a big place and views are amazing from the clif.

  2. Well you have certainly lightend up my day with your exspereeanced wrighting thank you.

  3. I love going to the beach! ther no beach at my haoe. how mene kids are in your school? From Meya (Duffield, Alberta, Canada)

  4. I liked the picture of the island with the rainbow. How many children are in your school? from Michael (Duffield, Alberta, Canada)

  5. What is the name of that dancing? and i like it to 😉 from Tristan – (Duffield, Alberta, Canada)

  6. I like that you got to see the beaches it would be cool. I wonder what the village looks like ? from Brooklynn ( Duffield AB Canada)

  7. Islay sounds like so much fun.

  8. you have given a good description about Islay… well done!

  9. I would like to Know what peaty fields and moor means

  10. Thank you for your post about Islay. It sounds like a great place:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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