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On Islay there is lots of different festivals like Halloween and new year. There is a famous poet called Robert Burns and we celebrate his life every year by saying poems that he wrote.  We also eat haggis to celebrate as well. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that is made up of sheep brains and sheep intestines- it tastes better than it sounds. There is also some more festivals like the Islay show. The Islay show is a festival where lots of farm animals are put into a competition and can win prizes such as money. There is also a big fair, it is for the kids, there is many thing you can do that are fun like going on the bouncy castle and there is a very high rock climbing thing you can go on. Thank you for reading hope you know a bit more about Islay.

by Ewan and Robbie

  27 Responses to “ISLAY’S FOOD AND FESTIVALS”

  1. I find the celobration very festive but I dont think I would eat it and also what poems does he do we are doing poems at litracy so coment back on me thank you bye.

  2. We celebrate the same celebrations but in a different way, we eat different foods and we have different traditional meals too. We also don’t celebrate Robert Burns either.

  3. A scottish dish is made up of sheep brins and sheep intestines.and lots of farm anamals are put into a competition and can win prises suchas money. way are sheep in sids made for stuf ?

  4. Wow that food sounds gruesome! We don’t have alot of strange foods in Birkenhead, we mostly just eat street food and homemade. Now I’ve read your blog I might consider trying some Haggis.

  5. What does haggis tast like ?i have never had it before. Dose it tast spice or something else ? I would like to try haggis becouse it lookes really nice.

  6. This haggis looks nice do you think i might like it and do you like it i celibrate my new year by spending time with my family.

  7. Hi, I have also been to a food festival and eaten frogs legs !! They tasted like chicken, I had garlic butter with them. I enjoyed them. I have tasted haggis when I was in Scotland, we went to the Highlands and it was nice. I am climbing Snowdon in a few weeks, which is a mountain in Wales. I hope to climb Ben Nevis soon – I have seen this mountain and it always has snow on top. Have you climbed Ben Nevis?

  8. It look’s fun I wish I seen the whole dance. I wonder if it was fun (Duffield, AB, Canada) my name is Daniel 🙂

  9. It look\’s fun I wish I seen the whole dance. I wonder if it was fun (Duffield, AB, Canada) my name is Daniel 🙂

  10. I like bouncy castles as well. It sounds like you were having fun.
    Dustyn, Canada

  11. the hegs look good.the dants must be fun.
    Launa (Alberta, Canada)

  12. hi agen.it is me levi wars the hages.

  13. I love your plaid Scotland dresses. Scotland people play the bag pipes. Katelyn { Alberta, Canada}

  14. I never knew that there were these festivals!WOW

  15. Wow. That sounds exellent.

  16. Good introduction Robbie

  17. I went to one too. It was a food festevil. Were there activities there? Michael (Duffield Alberta)

  18. I like your picture of the girls dancing. Are you at a school? I like the dresses. I take swimming lessons and play hockey. I like to dance, sometimes I get hyper alot! Elora (Alberta, Canada)

  19. Hi my name is Kaitlin and I am in grade 2. I like the dancers, they look nice! (Alberta, Canada)

  20. Hi my name is Jaz, and I come from Plympton Primary school in Australia. I’ve never tried haggis.I dont think they sell it in Australia. Tommorow we are going to have a releif teacher that is scottish so I will make sure to show him your blog!
    from Jaz

  21. hi my name kyle i like the dancers in th pic

  22. I dont think id eat that but sounds good

  23. Thanks for telling us about all that!
    We celebrate Halloween and New Year too, but not Robert Burns.
    I think Haggis sounds interesting, yet I don’t really think we have that in Australia.
    I like the picture of the dancers! What kind of dance do you do?
    From Zoe

  24. Thanks for telling us about all about that!
    We celebrate Halloween and New year too but not Robert Burns.
    I think haggis sounds interesting but I don’t really think we have that in Australia.
    I like the picture of the dancers!What kind of dance do you do?
    From Hany

  25. Hi my name is Animesh and I study in Plympton Primary School in Australia. Thanks for giving me some idea about festivals in Islay. Now I know little bit more about islay.

    In Australia we play lots of sports like Australian football,cricket,baseball,rubgy and soccer. My favourite sport is cricket.

    In Islay what kind of sports do you play?

  26. Hi my name is Chloe I would love to try Haggies but it sounds gross with Sheeps Brains and Sheeps Intestines.

    In Australia we have Fesivals like New Years,Easter,Christmas,and lots more.

    I want to find out what sports you play in Scotland?

  27. In Australia some popular festivals are Christmas and Easter along with some festivals
    you wrote about.
    One of our most celebrated festivals is Australia Day. We have fun-fairs and celebrations!
    Some popular food in Australia are Sausages and mash and Roast chicken. They are really nice!
    Hope you find the information interesting,
    From Zoe

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