Jan 142013

Fishing on Islay is a way for many people to make a living normally they catch crab,lobsters and scallops. Its been around for thousand of years. Everyday people are heading down to the pier to go fishing for a living.  Around about 20 big fishing boats are at our piers on Islay.

Farms on Islay contain animals such as pigs,sheep,cows,highland cows and horses. There are many farms on Islay. Cows eat grass,silage and draff; sheep eat mainly grass. All farmers have sheepdogs to round up their sheep if they’re running wild.

by Liam and Connor

  7 Responses to “Farming and Fishing on Islay”

  1. What type of Fish do you catch in Scotland. Also what type of animals on the Farm do you have.

  2. Wow it looks very good to fish in Skotland wid sone nets .

  3. It isintresting what you do in Scotland her is a queston why are you ateing diffent

  4. wow you have loads of fishing boats we don’t have much fishing boats at all . Do you like your local farm Liam ? I like mine are farm is attached to a windhill.

  5. Hi what type of fish do you usally catch in scotland?
    It sounds like fun were you live and very nice a very nice place.

  6. You can catch carps.and scallops.crabs

  7. I love to do fishing very much maybe I’ll go there

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