Robert Burns

On the 25th January it was Robert Burns day, so Port Ellen Primary had a traditional ceilidh! Robert Burns is  a famous Scottish poet and he has written loads of poems in the past. Everyone in the school had learned a Burns poem and 6 got through to the final, we had 2 people come in and judge us.

For p1-Ciaran Middelton p2-Rebecca Morris p3-Natalie Logan p4-Ross Thompson p5-Abbie Morris p6 Maisie Logan and for p7-Liam Campbell.

Mike Russel, the scottish minister of education came to our burns lunch and ceilidh. Everyone had fun dancing traditional dances and we all sung Old Lang Syne. There was musical instrument solos, and we even had highland dancers.

For a traditional lunch we have, haggis. Haggis is a meat,  made with sheep insides in it! Everybody likes it and they serve it with neeps and tatties (turnip and potatoes). We all say the address to the haggis, while they cut into it.

Everyone had a great afternoon and everyone enjoyed listening to the poems!

nae accoontin for folk

address haggis 1

Burns Ceilidh

On the 25th January it was Robert Burns day so Port Ellen Primary School had their annual Burns Ceilidh.  Robert Burns was a famous Scottish poet.  Every child learnt a  poem six children got through to the final were two judges would judge them .  This is all the people who got !st .

Liam Campbell-p7 Maisie Logan-p6 Abbie Morris- p5 Ross Thompson-p4  Natalie Logan-p3 Rebbecca Morris-p2 Ciaran Middleton-p1.

Every one who won had to say their poem at the ceilidh. At the ceilidh everyone done some Scottish Country Dancing while Neil played the accordion.  Some children in the school played  Scottish musical instruments.  Eilidh was on the accordion;Abbie on the fiddle;Maisie and Ruby on the tin whistle.  We didn’t only have people doing musical solos we also had highland dancers. You can listen to p7s poem (A mans a man for a that) at the bottom.

a mans a man

The Feis

On Wednesday 23rd January Claire and Ciara came to our school. They taught us a gaelic song and put it together with some instruments. Emily,Elinor and Eilidh played their accordians, some people played the tin whistle and the rest of us played percussion instruments. When we had finished we put it together and it sounded really good!

By Emily


Our topic is Rivers In The Classroom. Two weeks ago Mr Brazier came to set up our tank for our topic. In class we made a giant river display with mountains and trees on the wall. We also made a floor book to record things that we learn. Today Mr Brazier came in to give us our salmon eggs and we were so excited about it. Mr Brazier showed us a power point to show us how to look after our salmon eggs and what to do. He told us about the water they live in. Then we all got to see the eggs. I felt so happy. Then Mr Brazier went away. By Ciara.

A Visit From Mr Brazier!

Today we had a visit from Mr Brazier. He showed us a presentation he had made on rivers. There was lots of interesting facts. One of the facts that I thought was very intresting was that it isn’t good to plant trees commercially near a river because it means that the river will be shaded and plants won’t be able to grow and that also means the fish won’t get all the food they need and they might die. We got our eggs and we are all very excited there are lots of them and they are very small!

By Emily

our river topic

P5 are learning a new topic about rivers. We are going to be getting salmon eggs to hatch in our class. We are all excited about it. Last week Mr.Brazier came and put our tank in for us and next week he is coming to put the salmon eggs in the tank. Everyone in the class is looking forward to having the salmon eggs in the class.

By Annie


Welcome to our quadblogging partners from Bidston Avenue Primary in Birkenhead, Woodston Primary in Peterborough and Plympton Primary in Adelaide Australia.  We have started off by writing a few blogs telling you what life is like living on Islay and we hope you enjoy reading them.  Thank you for leaving a comment, and we we will reply to any questions left.


On Islay there are 8 working distilleries and 1 non working distillery in total.  The distilleries are called Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Coal Ila, Bunnabhain, Kilchoman.  Islay is the best island known for producing its whiskey. Islay distilleries produce lots of bottles a year and thousands of liters.  Mundells deliver the barley to all the Distilleries except for Laphroaig who make their own like only 6 other distilleries in Scotland.  Every year the distilleries hold an open day to represent their new bottle of whiskey and Ardbeg have there own theme.  They all have it towards the end of Spring.

MRS CLARK ADDS: I think Bruichladdich may grow their own barley as well.


On Islay there is lots of different festivals like Halloween and new year. There is a famous poet called Robert Burns and we celebrate his life every year by saying poems that he wrote.  We also eat haggis to celebrate as well. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish that is made up of sheep brains and sheep intestines- it tastes better than it sounds. There is also some more festivals like the Islay show. The Islay show is a festival where lots of farm animals are put into a competition and can win prizes such as money. There is also a big fair, it is for the kids, there is many thing you can do that are fun like going on the bouncy castle and there is a very high rock climbing thing you can go on. Thank you for reading hope you know a bit more about Islay.

by Ewan and Robbie

Places on Islay

Islay is a beautiful place to live. I’ll start by talking about the beaches, the beaches on Islay tend to be rocky and seaweed covered, but you can find nice sandy ones. We also have lots of peaty fields and lots of moor land that is very wet. In the center of the Island there are lots of hills. But the Oa has lots of steep clifts and is very boggy and rugged. On Islay we have eight villages, Port Ellen, Bowmore, Port Charlotte, Bruichladdich, Portnahaven, Keills, Ardbeg, Balygrant and Bridgend but only four villages have Schools. We also have 8 distillerees. Islay is known for having some of the best whiskey in Scotland. Islay has lots of cool places to visit as well.

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