Primary 5 Learning

Primary 5 have been doing a lot of maths in fact I think they are math experts, they have been doing a lot of work on their times tables and place value.  For homework they have been getting sudoku for fun. In Spelling they have been doing the normal Nelson spelling textbook(plurals).   For PE they have had Brandon Freeman in as a sports ambassador from High School to teach different skills and basketball. They have had Mrs Macdonald in for gaelic to teach numbers up to 20 and items in the class room. For art they had Mrs Onions who tought them how to change a spring picture into a autumn picture.For Music most of them have taken up an musical instrument and received them today.  Their class room has now became a secret agent HQ as they have designed their own gadgets and wrote about them.

By Eilidh Mcmillan and Ruby Miller


On Wednesday the 29 August p6/7 did basket ball with Brandon. It was great fun we played a couple of matches. My team won their matches and in my team there was me, Scott, Danni, Robbie, Asher and James. Brandon is from the high School and is going to help be our PE teacher for a while. I think personally that it is going to be amazing and I think the other members of the class are going to think it is amazing to.

P3/4 learning

P3/4 have be learning there 6 5 4 3 2 times tables as well as reading about the adventures of Hamish MacHaggis. As well as creating their own whirry bang design.  They were also leaning new spelling words and doing coloring in math.  Also they said the pier opening was amazing.

The Pier Opening

On Thursday 30th August all of Port Ellen primary were invited to the pier opening in Port Ellen. When we got there there were a lot of people and there were some of the pipe band piping. We also got balloons and we made our own flags. There were 3 people announcing the pier was open. Then the choir sang at the end and that closed the opening ceremony.
by Robbie and Asher

What P2/3/4 Have Explored

Eva- I really enjoyed reading Hamish MacHaggis books and she loved making up stories.

Abi- My favorite thing this week was learning Hamish MacHaggis songs,

Sophie- I liked writing imaginary stories, mine as about seals

Taylor-Making the car called the Willie Bang out of Hamish MacHaggis

Ross- Making Hamish MacHaggis stories mine was about Hamish going to Ardbeg Distillery

Struan-Learning my 2 times table I used a numberline.
everyone has enjoyed their week in p3/4

Stephen Baron

Stephen Baron came to the school of Port Ellen primary  to tell us about Haydn a very famous composer and it was very interesting. We played games with Stephen Baron and we danced to the music and it was very fancy and I want to do it again. My favourite part was when we played instruments with him it was very noisy. And I personally think that it was a great idea that Reece(The Prince) died of old age in the acting and I was a great woodpecker. Just as I said I think that the acting was very good  from everyone and so was the music, he could really play the piano. We had to listen to the music and if if it changed music we had to do our actions.  Mrs Macdonald said the school piano had never been so happy!

This week in p3/4

This week p3/4 have been designing a whirry bang for Hamish Machaggis and other things.  He lives in a secret glenn in the north of Scotland. In maths they’ve been learning their times tables, addition and subtraction.  The class have been learning about places in Great Britain on a map. The class came to the pier opening. They have also been doing maths posters.  They have been learning about Hayden the piano guy. they have also been reading the adventures of Hamish Machaggis.

By Reece and Calum

Port Ellen Cutting the Turf

On Friday the 31st of September Port Ellen primary school choir, me, Scott Kinloch, and Donald Swanson went to cut the turf for the new row of houses at Ardview. Me, Donald, Ruby and Oliver cut the first section of turf for the houses and there was a small crowd and the choir sung.  After the cutting the adults went to the Islay Hotel for snacks and the school came back by the end of playtime. The weather wasn’t kind and the rain was miserable. Donald is the youngest in the school and I am the oldest.


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