Update on Dinoland in P1/2

Last Friday, P1/2 came to school in their old clothes ready for a day of action creating Dinoland. We invited our parents in to help us and we all had a very busy day painting, building and using paper mache. It was great fun and we now have a massive big dinosaur in our class and a volcano! We even have a time travelling tunnel that you can crawl through to get back to the time of dinosaurs.
We are still working hard to complete our dino nest and eggs.
Today we had a Glow meet with Liberton Primary in Edinburgh who are also learning about dinosaurs. They tweeted us some questions about dinosaurs and we have been looking at books and the internet to help us find the answers.
We are going to have another glow meet with them tomorrow to tell them what we have found out.

We learning about polar regions in p3/4. this is a fact that we learnt in antartica that ice bergs can be 100ft long and 25 miles across. Narwhals live in the Arctic and have a spiral tusk about 2metres long.

Polar Regions

In primary 3/4 we are learning about the polar regions. The Polar bear is the largest land predator in the Arctic. We have also found out that emperor penguin can stay under water for twenty minutes and they can drink both fresh and salt water. We also found out that Antarctica’s thick covering of ice makes it the highest continent in the world.

William and Anwen

the arctic.

we have been learning about the Arctic and it has cold winters and cool summers there are penguins, snow owls, arctic hare.

Polar Regions

The Arctic polar bears actually come from Greenland.
The male hooded seals inflate their noses by closing one nostril and blowing air through the other one. Polar bears are the largest land predator in the world and also often swim up to 60 miles between patches of ice.

polar Regions.

The Arctic is actually a desert made up completely of ice as it hardly ever rains and hardly ever snows. It has very cold winters and cool summers. The animals on the Arctic is killer whales, penguins, orca whales, Arctic fox’s and polar bears.

the arctic.

the arctic is very cold. they have cold winters and cool summers. the animals on the artic are poler bears penguins artic fox seal husky sea lion and the antartica ice and snow 3 miles thick.

Polar regions

We are learning about polar regions. We have found out that the weather is bitterly cold and windy and the Arctic and Antarctica are covered in snow and ice. We have been learning about polar animals and have found out that polar bears only live in Antarctica and penguins live in the Arctic. We are having a good time learning about our topic.

Jasmine and Emma

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