Puzzles in class!!!

We have been looking at really hard puzzles and  trying to slove them, it is linked with professor Layton on the DSI, it is a really fun way of learning . We were told to make a class puzzle book, you could use one of your own puzzles or Mrs Harrison would lend you one of her puzzle cards to use. I used one of my own- Ramon got in trouble with Inspector Chemly and got send to S.T Mystere Jail. He was locked in a cell with a steel door(no hloes in it) so he couldn’t break down, no windows and rock hard walls. All that was in the cell was a piano, a calender and  springs. How did he eat, drink and get out.

A- He used the DATES on the calender as food, he DRUNK the springs(water) and he used the KEYS on the piano to get out. If you got it right then well done!!!


P4/7 has started swimming on Thursday.We get the bus to Bowmore. When we got to the pool we got split in two groups of twelve by our abilities.We get to learn different things and it is really fun. When some People are not swimming the do work.But this week we got to take are NDDIS.By ERIN

rainforest lunch

on Wednesday the 1st of February we had a rainforest lunch because p6/7 are doing a topic on rainforest. it was really good and it looked very yummy. by Helen Sinclair 🙂

Playground Clean up

After the big wind in January the playground was filled with rubbish . P6/7  and Mrs MacDonald cleaned up the playground; it was a tough job and we even found a lawn mower . We were all split up into different groups each group got a different area to clean up.There  were two filled skips full of rubbish.

By Eilidh

Profesor Layton

We have been giving DSIs from Argyll 7 Bute to play Professor Layton and to help our reading so its a funner way to read. We also get to do lots of puzzles. Unfortunately we only have them for one more week…..
by James

Learning using DSi :)

We have been using DSi to help us improve on our reading and we think it is great. We have been playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Me and Jason and Scott think it is great.We were given the DSi’s from Argyll and Bute Council and they have been wicked! by Jason and Ewan


Our new topic in maths is patterns and codes. We are focusing on things like the Fibonacci code and all that. I think it will be good, I can’t wait till we do more. The Fibonacci code goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,

by Calum p6

You can see lots of Fibonacci patterns in nature.

Art club

In school Reece, Scott, Harry, Connor, Liam and Donald have started an art club on Wednesday lunchtimes for p1-p5.  Last Wednesday was our first time. We had 22 people (more than we thought) and got a lot of good pieces of art work done. We have still to make certificates for the best 5 pieces of artwork. So far Abbie Morris done the best piece of art. She drew a picture of Phinneas and Ferb.

By Reece p6

The forest pitch

Last Friday I found out that I had made the shortlist for a very special event.The event is called the Forest Pitch.It is a competition for primary school kids in
Scotland. I made it into the last 30 out of 2000 kids.Forest pitch is a football event,that you have to design a football strip for a special game what will be played on a football pitch in the middle of a forest in 2012.4 people can win the event and whoever does win they will get their shirt worn by the players.

I am well chuffed …… and so is my mum! My gran thinks that I might even win! I am going away on the Tuesday 7th February to see if I’ve won. Im going to Hampden park in Glasgow.

by Harry p7

National Galleries Competition

We have chosen our photos and written our stories about them for the National Galleries Competition which Port Ellen Primary does every year. Sometimes we’re lucky and other times we’re not but it’s fun to do any way. This year I did my story from the point of view of a horse. Elinor in our class is really good at writing and I hope she gets placed.

By Aileas

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