Robert Burns Day

On the 25th of january Port Ellen Primary Scholl are having a Robert Burns day. What we have to do is we have to read our poems to judges and then they’ll decide on who the winner of each class is theres different poems for different classes like say P5 have got my love is like a red red rose or just call it rose.

Alicia P5

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  1. I like the idea of each class having a different Burns poem we might try it some time. Good luck in the competition. Who are the judges and why were they picked ? . Is it hard to remember your poem of by heart? . What were the other classes poems?. from Kerry Burravoe Primary School

  2. At our school we do not have not don Robert Burns poems yet.We are going to have a glow meat about Robert Burns tomorow.
    Leah Burravoe School

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