Story of learning in P1/2/3

Every week pupils in P1/2/3 start Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays with a Busy Start activity based around a story they have heard. The children can choose from 3 activities over the course of the week and complete all tasks by the end of the week. The children take pictures and produce pieces of work which are then put together into a class ” Story of Learning”. So far this year we have completed activities based around “The Snail and the Whale”,” The trouble with dragons” and ” A huge bag of worries”.  The pupils are quickly engaged in their learning each morning and are keen to complete the range of activities available.

“Hola” or “Bonjour” – P1/2/3

This year all pupils at Westfield Primary will be learning 2 modern foreign languages- Spanish and French. Primary 1/2/3 are loving learning their new languages and can frequently be found breaking into French and Spanish to gain some extra house points. Children have being singing songs and learning simple phrases in Spanish with Ms Ferguson and ‘Juan’ and French with Mrs Agini and ‘Pierre’.

Très bien and bravo P1/2/3