Minibeast Hunt : Try at Home

Please use the arrows below to navigate through the sway to view a fantastic song and dance from Miss Collins and a story all about a very brave caterpillar read by Miss Kelly. After you have watched the videos you may wish to take part in the try at home minibeast hunt activity.

It was a very rainy day so after a short hunt in the garden Harry the Hedgehog then completed the minibeast hunt using the Adventure by Jess YouTube videos indoors.

Hip Hip Hooray – Bathgate Procession 2020

As the date of Bathgate Procession approaches we are of course saddened that we won’t be celebrating as we would normally.
We have decided that of course we can still support and join in with this wonderful community event.
Our theme for 2020 was BEYC Superheroes. How fitting was our choice as our children, Families, NHS staff and all key workers have truly shown as real life superhero’s while faced with this challenging time.
On Saturday the 6th of June the staff will be sharing photos and videos dressed up and celebrating as BEYC Stay at Home Superheroes we would LOVE for you all to join us. Please share your photos of you and your children in their chosen superhero costumes we will pop them all together in a video so your children can see their friends dressed up too, feel free to get creative. Can you use any recycled materials when making your costume?  Mrs Mckay will be delighted to see you all in costumes.

Please click this link to watch animated video ‘Stay at home Superheroes’

Please also have a look at the Bathgate Procession website below to see ways you can still join in with this Bathgate community celebration safely from your home/garden.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Try at home activity sway

After Harry and Miss Collins spotted some tiny caterpillars in their garden they were inspired to share some learning opportunities with you all. Please use the arrows below to view Miss collins reading the very hungry caterpillar and see how you can get involved.
We would love to see some photos and videos of your child taking part, please upload to twitter @WLBEYC or your child’s online LJ.

Growing & Planting: Try at home activity

Try at home activity:
Now we have more time to spend at home, it is a great opportunity to take part in growing, planting and observing the changes happening. We would love if you could join us in this journey, we would like to document the progress on the Sway below so please take lots of photos and video clips. You can Share them via our twitter page BEYC Twitter or your online Learners Journal under the learning from home tab.

What could you grow in your garden or from your home?

How could you document and share the results?

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s #GrowASeed initiative is also encouraging people in Scotland to take part and get growing. Visit their website for more useful information.

Try at Home Challenge. One Planet Picnic, a picnic that is good for you and good for the planet!

Can you have a Teddy Bears Picnic as part of Earth Day 2020 on  Wednesday 22nd April?   


 We are asking everyone to have a picnic in their living   room or in their own garden at home and to send us in some photos. It would be great if you could help your grown up to prepare the food too.  Things to think about:

  • You can choose what you eat for your picnic but can you also include one item that has been produced or grown in Scotland or some local and seasonal food too?
  • Can you reduce food packaging and waste or perhaps you can recycle any food packaging and wrappers to make something after your picnic?
  • Can you avoid single-use plastics such as drink cartons and bottles?
    It’s a great excuse to spend a bit of time discovering new foods or rediscovering old favorites.  Here are a few ideas to start:
  • use seasonal Scottish fruit
  • cheese sandwiches using Scottish bread and cheese
  • if you don’t have a teddy then any toy is welcome to come along!

Please share photos and videos with your nursery friends .

Good luck everyone 😉

Make your own musical instrunment: Try at home

Make your own musical instrument!
Use things around the house to see if you can make quiet or loud sounds. Can you shake, hit or scrape?
Please watch the video below where you will see Miss Heenan playing a tune on her Euphonium, some of the nursery ladies and Harry the Hedgehog making use of items around their home to create musical instruments.
Your try at home challenge is to join our BEYC band.
Please send videos and photographs to us using twitter @WLBEYC or uploading onto your Online Learners Journal. Miss Kelly will use all the photos/videos to make a video showing our band together!

Some items you could use to make your own instruments…