Make your own musical instrunment: Try at home

Make your own musical instrument!
Use things around the house to see if you can make quiet or loud sounds. Can you shake, hit or scrape?
Please watch the video below where you will see Miss Heenan playing a tune on her Euphonium, some of the nursery ladies and Harry the Hedgehog making use of items around their home to create musical instruments.
Your try at home challenge is to join our BEYC band.
Please send videos and photographs to us using twitter @WLBEYC or uploading onto your Online Learners Journal. Miss Kelly will use all the photos/videos to make a video showing our band together!

Some items you could use to make your own instruments… 


Topic Sway: Birds 2020

Please use the arrows below to navigate through the learning Sway documenting the learning and experiences the children have taken part in over the duration of our ‘Bird’ topic.

Climate Action Day 2019

We had a very successful Climate Action Day last month where we joined others from different schools in Scotland taking part in activities as part of the “wee voices big action” campaign.  We had our local Tesco Community Champion, in nursery working with the children.  Tracey, children and staff were looking, touching and tasting different vegetables.  We took part in recycling games, learning about what goes in which bin and the importance of recycling. We also made bird feeders for our garden using recycled milk cartons from our snack and heard stories from Oscar the Eco bunny!  Thank you for your kind donations of jam jars which we used for planting beans.

Investigating with vegetables
 “You have to wash them before you eat them.  They grow in the garden.”
 “Plants grow.  You put seeds in the dirt. Seeds need water to grow.  With the rain, seeds will grow.  I like peas for dinner.  They grow in plants too.”
“Vegetables grow.  Seeds and water makes them grow.  I like carrots.  They come from Bathgate in Morrisons.”
 “Apples come from shops.  They grow on the tree.”
“I only eat carrots because they are yummy.  Potatoes and carrots come from the shops.  They grow in the garden.”(making soup) “We had carrots, tomatoes and potatoes.  Get the skin off.  Vegetables come from the ground.  Carrots come form the ground.”
Making bird feeders with recycled milk cartons
We have to feed the birds because they will die if they have no food.”
“We had to get an empty milk bottle, string and bird seed.  The birds can stand on the pencil.”
“We need to feed the birds because they’re hungry.”
“I’m hanging up the milk box with no milk in it, just seeds.”
“We put out bird seeds because the birds don’t have any food.”