About BEYC

Welcome to Bathgate Early Years Centre.  The centre opened to children in August 2006. BEYC incorporates the services of; Social Policy with Surestart and Health within the setting.   Mrs Lynch isthe Headteacher / Manager who manages both the nursery and the whole centre.   All services will work together to provide integrated provision to the families and community in Bathgate.

The total roll is 120; 60 morning and 60 afternoon with an additional 16 afternoon Wraparound places.

There is no defined catchment area but children generally reside in the Bathgate /Boghall /area and who will attend local primary schools. Our latest inspection report can be found on the Care Inspectorate website at Care Inspectorate.

Or by clicking on this link    BEYC Inspection Report.

Since September 2009 there has been no car access or parking at the centre at ANY TIME for parents/ carers. Safety of all children and parents/carers walking within the dual campus of the Early Years Centre and St Mary’s Primary is paramount.

Bathgate Early Years Centre

Whitburn Road

Bathgate EH48 2RD

Telephone No.: 01506 776234

E-mail – bathgateeyc@westlothian.org.uk


Mrs Mvairi Lynch Dip Ed; C.E.E.

Nursery Teacher:

Mrs Elizabeth Carlin PGCEd

Early Years Officer:

Miss Eva Wilkinson, H.N.C. Child Care & Education. PDA Childcare & Education, Bachelor of Arts Childhood Practice.

Nursery Nurses:

Miss Jennifer Heenan; S.N.N.B. Cert; H.N.C. Child Care and Education.

Miss Fiona Gardner,  H.N.C. Childcare and Education, Bachelor of Arts Childhood Practice.

Miss Taylor Anne Kelly, HNC Childcare and Education.

Miss Catherine Anne Toner  S.N.N.B Cert; Child Care Education.

Pupil Support Assistant

Miss Lorraine Forrster, HNC Childcare and Education.

Wraparound Team Leaders

Miss Fiona Gardner, HNC Childcare & Education, Bachelor of Arts Childhood Practice.

Mrs Carol Murray – HNC Childcare & Education.

Wraparound Care Assistant:

Mrs Margaret Marshall SVQ2 – Childcare

Admin Assistant:

Mrs Kate Todd, H.N.C. Child Care & Education,  PDA Childcare & Education


Ms Virginia Simanaiti

Facilities Managers

Mr Clark Bowland

Mr John Harrison

Mr Jim Swift

Mr Jim O’Connor

Nursery hours

Morning children

Monday to Thursday  – Drop off 8am until 8.35am.  Pick up 10.55am  until 11.05am.

Friday morning – Drop off 8am until 8.35am. Pick up 11.20am until 11.28am.

Afternoon children

Monday to  Thursday – Drop off 12.09pm until 12.20pm.  Pick up 3.16pm  until 4.08pm.

Wraparound hours are from  11.28am until 5.30pm.

Dress Code/Nursery Uniform In line with West Lothian Schools Policy.

We promote a dress code. Our own logo was designed by local primary pupils in consultation with the staff and then developed by a senior pupil to form the final logo of which we are very proud! The jigsaw logo represents the key services within Bathgate Early Years Centre, i.e. Education; Health; Social Policy and the Community – all joining together to provide the best service for our children and families. Please remember it is essential that these items should be clearly labelled with your child’s name to prevent confusion for staff and loss for parents!  (Fabric nametapes have proved to be the most effective method of labeling). We have sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleece jackets and waterproof jackets with our BEYC logo.  All are available to order in ; Small – age 3/4 years Medium age 5/6 years Large age 7/8 years. The poloshirts are available to order in jade and purple and cost £7.50. The sweatshirts are available to order in jade and purple and cost £8.50 The fleece jackets are available to order in purple and cost £14.00 The waterproof jackets are available to order in purple and cost £20.00 Please see Mrs Todd if you require an order form or wish to find out more about ordering online.

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